Once the client has made the decision to commission a portrait, an agreement is prepared. The agreement will specify the number of subjects, size, price, and other details that the client and the artist agree should be included. Usually these items are discussed in a telephone consultation or initial meeting with the artist. Upon signing, a deposit of fifty percent of the total price is required.

Next, an appointment is scheduled to begin the portrait. Decisions will be made with regard to clothing, setting, and other relevant details. Whenever possible, the artist would like to see where the painting is to hang. Decisions are also made with regard to general colors to be used, scale, value range, composition and mood to ensure that the painting becomes an integral part of the room where it will hang. The subjects are then photographed. Whenever possible, the artist and client review these photographs together.

Delivery arrangements are made individually with each client. Upon final approval, the remaining fifty percent is due. Satisfaction is guaranteed.